Incredible 4 year transformation![英语][Skills NT]

关于 Skills N' Talents

We are two brothers who swam for 30 years in the competitive arena (15 years each) and we hope we can transmit our knowledge as clearly and simple as youtube allows us to.

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  1. 4 years!!!! I'm sure that it shouldn't take that long with the right practice and frequency…..

  2. I would never have the patience. I swimming like the before picture

  3. Im also starting to swim like that and i feel the swimming head in water then breathe ufff but much respect for your advance

  4. How are u rotating so quickly without gassing out?

  5. Better body position but still dropping dem elbowz

  6. amazing transformation. Good work. Am I right in saying the catch is still rather weak because she has a low elbow and doesn't start it early enough?

  7. I frickin love swimming. There is so much going on with each stroke that you can never really master it, so there is always room for improvement which to means more opportunities for satisfaction and accomplishment


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